Dare to Get Down to Politics to Help Women

Dare to Get Down to Politics to Help Women

Dare to Get Down to Politics to Help Women – dared to go into politics to help women who are sometimes underestimated by some. very meritorious thing can be done.

The emancipation of women has a major impact on the birth of women leaders in Indonesia. Now Indonesian women can get education and an equal position with men. Many Indonesian women are now also free to take part in various lines of life, including in politics

All ethnicities and religions mingle together in religious activities, not in rituals. For example, (helping) decorate each other so as to create a sense of brotherhood without distinguishing ethnicity and religion,

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emimpin will be more effective if it is able to provide an example, not just an appeal. For example, in order for people to respect and cherish ourselves, they must first respect and love others. For millennials, the program implemented is through sports and culture to decorate the city during this pandemic.

youth in particular who can do creativity through ecraf. For example, making batik clothes, shoes, live music. For those who understand painting, there are murals in the alleys, in the hallways, and then near the river, young people will be empowered.

the important thing is the spirit and do not scare each other. If anyone has COVID-19, provide support, don’t be isolated.