How to Prevent and Overcome Corruption


How to Prevent and Overcome Corruption – There is no truly effective weapon to eradicate corruption. Corruption seems to have become an ingrained culture in Indonesia. Various ways have been done to eradicate corruption to its roots, but like eels the corruptors are still able to find reproach for corruption. Therefore, cooperation from all parties is needed to reduce the number of corruption.

One way to see the results of strategies in dealing with corruption in a country is to look at the ICP issued by the Transparency International institution. In 2015, Indonesia got a CPI score of 36. This score puts Indonesia in 188th rank from the countries that id researched.

How to Overcome Corruption

End impunity
Effective law enforcement is essential to ensure that criminals are punished and break the cycle of impunity, or freedom from punishment or harm.

A successful law enforcement approach must be supported by a strong legal framework, a branch of law enforcement and an independent and effective court system. While civil society itself can support the process by carrying out certain initiatives such as campaigns that are carried out wisely, and still pay attention to the law. This is because punishing those involved in corruption is a vital component of any effective anti-corruption effort.

Reforming public administration and financial management
Reforms that focus on improving financial management and strengthening the role of audit institutions in many countries have had a greater impact than just doing in the public sector in controlling corruption.

In fact, one of these reforms is the disclosure of budget information, which is an effort to prevent wastage and misuse of resources. For example, by being transparent and participatory, this method also trains local people to comment on their local government’s proposed budget.

However, it must be admitted that this method cannot be applied in many countries, because there are impacts that must be considered and considered.

Recognizing the types of corruption
Corruption is not only about bribery, but also about the weak economic community, which is still often a resource whose role is not maximized in the middle of a canyon. That is why it is so important to understand the different types of corruption in order to develop responses that are intelligent, and appropriate to the needs of the country.

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Maximizing community power
Community contributions in every aspect of the country that are still relevant, can help the government. For this reason, it is very necessary to identify priorities, problems, and find solutions. Every contribution given by the community will be very useful for the progress of a country, even though it can only be done on a small scale. For example, by carrying out community monitoring initiatives in some cases it contributes to the detection of corruption, reduces leakage of funds, increases the quantity and quality of public services.

Using Alternative Communication Channels
While reading it you may feel confused, but in this case we are talking about how to integrate formal and informal processes, which means you can collaborate with government and non-governmental groups or organizations, to change behavior and monitor progress.

Take advantage of technology
Grateful that technology now supports all community activities, establishes communication and builds dynamic and sustainable exchanges between key stakeholders, including government, citizens, businesses, civil society groups, media, academics, etc.

Even with a technology like the internet anyone can take precautions both at global and local levels, which can be adapted to the scale and scope itself. So it is highly recommended for people to take advantage of technology and get involved in a wise way.

Give contribution
As a society, invest in the institutions and policies taken by the government. Although its nature is very limited and of course accompanied by the sharing of pre-existing rules.

Closing the international gap
One of the reasons why corruption is difficult to track down is when public officials launder money and hide it in other countries. So it is very necessary for the financial center to have an advanced system, and be able to stop the illicit transactions that occur.

Setting the Standard
When talking about corruption, of course, it will not be separated from analyzing market forces, behavior, and social. Since all the aspects mentioned above adopt good standards of integrity, the results will also be positive.

Setting the right steps
When making decisions and strategies, of course, there must be an evaluation which can later become a benchmark for the steps that have been taken, as well as anticipate when the situation on the ground changes.

With the cooperation of all parties, including the community, at least we are able to reduce the number of corruption. GreatPeople, Let’s together make Indonesia a corruption-free country!