The Importance of Young People Being Open To Politics

The Importance of Young People Being Open To Politics – The world of politics today has increased a lot ha; what can be done to get the best. The political world today is not only dominated by the older generation. The emergence of political parties that attract cadre members from the youth group certainly brings fresh air to the future of politics in Indonesia. Let’s look at the important reasons why nowadays young people in Indonesia must be politically literate.

The Importance of Young People Being Open To Politics

1. Criticize government policies objectively

Every policy issued by the government always raises the attitude of pros and cons in the community. By understanding the various forms of policy in the political system, of course we can assess the policy more objectively without having to be influenced by the circulating issues.

2. Increase tolerance in society

Indonesia is a democratic country that provides the right to freedom of expression for every citizen. With a variety of community backgrounds, of course, will give birth to different opinions.

By having a good political understanding, of course we can respect each other’s opinions without having to impose our will on others.

3. Fight and stop the spread of fake news

It is easy to create and spread fake news or hoaxes is one of the negative impacts of technological progress that we must eradicate together. Hoax is a big threat in the era of globalization that will disrupt the security and stability of a country.

The youth of today’s generation really needs their role to ward off these fake news. By understanding how the political system runs in a country, it will be able to sort out messages that are considered fake and provocative so that they are not spread to others.

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4. Choose a quality leader

Every 5 years, Indonesia holds a general election to choose a leader who will be the captain of Indonesia in the future. Starting from the election of members of the legislature to the president and deputy.

For the millennial generation, this is a great opportunity to participate in determining the future of Indonesia. By having good political knowledge, especially related to the policies of a country, of course we as young people are able to see potential leaders who can realize their work programs and which are just words that are difficult to realize.

5. Become a future leader of Indonesia

All of us who are currently young, it is not impossible that we will become one of Indonesia’s future leaders. Becoming a leader in a country as big as Indonesia certainly requires quality human beings. Improving knowledge and increasing organizational experience, we can do from now on.

The Indonesian state, with its myriad of incalculable wealth, always faces various state problems that never subside, both from within and from abroad. The president as head of state cannot work alone without the active role of his citizens.