The Role of Millennials in the Pandemic

The Role of Millennials in the Pandemic – In the face of a pandemic, there are not many ways the government can do. But these millennials have a very important role for Indonesia during the pandemic

The Role of Millennials in the Pandemic

1. Be a good example in implementing health protocols for the surrounding community

The millennial generation is a group of young people who will carry out the mandate to determine the direction of the country in the future. Millennials are closely associated with being always up to date, responsive to new trends, active in innovating, and always having their own characteristics.

So that the control of COVID-19 in Indonesia can be established as expected, the government has issued a number of rules related to the implementation of health protocols. For its sustainability, of course, various agents from the millennial generation are needed to be an example to the surrounding environment.

When you dare to be a good example, automatically the people around you will follow in your footsteps. Not only that, your presence that always shows an attitude of maintaining health protocols will be a ‘reminder’ for other people to do the same.

With steps like this, you have indirectly contributed to helping Indonesia. Because actually all good things must start from yourself first, right?

Then, are you ready to be a ‘good example’ for the community for the sustainability of Indonesia during this pandemic?

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2. Follow government regulations in an orderly manner

As a real effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, of course, the Indonesian government has never stayed silent. They made a number of rules for the common good, ranging from PSBB regulations to PPKM as it is today.

Well, if you want to help Indonesia, let’s follow the existing government regulations in an orderly manner! Don’t be the generation that has been reprimanded before doing it. Wouldn’t it be better if the millennial generation became an example for around as described in the first point?

It’s never been done before, we all understand that maybe you’ve felt tired when you always have to keep your distance from other people. Or, maybe you have felt bored learning is always done online.

Yes but how else? The presence of COVID-19 does force us to create a new lifestyle. But, do you believe that all this has a silver lining? Humans have prioritized a healthy lifestyle, having more time to spend with their closest family, and others.

If you are tired, let’s carry out all the rules that have been made by the government. By following it, we can all definitely end this COVID-19 pandemic!

3. Active in fighting fake news circulating

In this sophisticated era, the millennial generation always relies on social media in their daily lives. Whether it’s to find information, share daily activities, or just scrolling to relieve fatigue.

Especially with the arrival of COVID-19, the use of social media has certainly increased. With the increasing quantity of social media use, the flow of information will also increase.