There is no political pressure factor

There is no political pressure factor

There is no political pressure factor – maybe a lot of people think that politics seems to pressure us to understand or to understand the difficult intentions being discussed.

What is being done is not a political factor, or pressure from other parties, this is purely to protect residents and carry out their duties so that residents of Bogor City are not exposed to COVID-19. Far from pressure and political elements, really for health.

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the antigen is positive, and then the indication for covid is also there, meaning that it is not healthy. announce the results of the PCR, but at least the protocol is because every day you have to know how many confirmed COVID-19. Even if the suspect is reported, because the treatment is different, the important thing is the report, the important thing is the process because it needs to be conveyed.

therefore everything he said was either a lie or was true, so let’s monitor developments on current events and keep thinking positively without forgetting that the pandemic is still going on.