Types of Fresh Graduates in a Pandemic Period

Types of Fresh Graduates in a Pandemic Period – There are many people who graduate from school and become a scholar. But many of them are confused in facing the future life. The pandemic period is also bad for them. Here are some tips for fresh graduates to survive in the midst of this pandemic

1. Become a volunteer

Of course, there are currently a lot of volunteers needed for the health sector. This is perfect for those of you who are social at heart. You can participate as a volunteer for handling COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Volunteers must have a strong and sincere determination to help humanitarian missions. The benefits you can feel are having new experiences and increasing your sense of empathy as a human being as well as better understanding how to interpret life.

Types of Fresh Graduates in a Pandemic Period

2. The right moment to pursue a hobby

While you still have free time, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your hobbies more after finishing college. It doesn’t matter if you have hobbies that are not related to your college major.

If you pursue it, your hobby could be your main livelihood, right? Who knows from a hobby that you are serious about bringing success for you someday.

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3. Become a private tutor

Since the government has started to implement learning from home, maybe some students will find it difficult to master the subject matter because of the limitations of face-to-face with the teacher. This is what creates pressure for parents.

Becoming a private tutor is an opportunity for those of you who really have an interest in teaching. In addition, you can also ease the burden on parents in their respective homes.

However, keep the health protocol if you use the face-to-face teaching system, OK! There’s nothing wrong with starting as a private tutor while you’re still waiting for a job call.

4. Become a freelancer

When you are looking for a full time job, being a freelancer is the right way to keep earning from home. To carry out this choice of profession, you can get a job through various freelance job provider sites, both at home and abroad.

This is the right way to hone your skills such as photography, writing, graphic design, and much more. Start collecting the portfolio that you have so far as consideration for potential clients to want to use your services.